Thursday 25th & Friday 26th January, KIC staff Rob and Ben worked with over 60 students across years 4, 5, & 6  from Jubilee Academy to identify areas of need for young people within the Mossley community. 

The sessions saw students thinking about and sharing ideas of how they would spend £5,000 given to the young people of Mossley by Mossley Big Local, one of 150 Local Trust run programmes.

Using Kicsters Digital Wall, Kicsters worked together to identify what was available for residents, particularly young people, within the Mossley community. This included local shops, transport, facilities and activities. 

In doing this, students were able to identify what was missing in the local community. 

Once it was established what was available to the community, students then began to look at what was needed to make Mossley a better place for young people to live – taking into consideration the £5,000  available for them to spend.

Top Suggestions:

1. The Great Mossley Bake Off

2. Indoor Drone Club

3. Mossley’s Got Talent

Other Suggestions:

– Indoor Cinema

– Gaming Club

– Indoor Bowling Alley

– Lego Club

– Language Club

Dance Lessons

Top Suggestions:

1. Bike Club

2. Multi-Sports Area & Outdoor Gym

3. Picnic Area

Other Suggestion:

– Skate Park


Top Suggestions:

1. Play Area

2. Dog Park

Other Suggestions:

Improved Road Safety

Students thought that road safety was something that needed improving within the local community and no car zones needed to be created in the area so that they could feel safe when out with friends.

Top Suggestions:

1. Go to a Football Match

2. Visit a Leisure Centre

3. Go to the Cinema

Other Suggestions:

– Water Park

– Go Karting