On Wednesday 14th February 2018, 60 students from Abbey Primary School found out why teamwork is so important and how they can work as a team to help improve the Mossley area for young people.

The sessions saw students thinking about and sharing ideas of how they would spend £5,000 given to the young people of Mossley by Mossley Big Local, one of 150 Local Trust run programmes.

The day started off with students watching a video entitled ‘ Wisdom of Geese’ which highlighted why teamwork was so important and the benefits working in a team had.

Once it was established as to why team work was so important and the benefits team work can have, students then looked at how they could use the basic rules of teamwork to work out a plan to improve the Mossley area.

Part 1: Look at the existing resources, facilities and activities available in the Mossley area.

Part 2: Identify what is missing for young people in Mossley

Part 3: Discuss what is needed to fill the missing gaps within the Mossley area, the benefits it will have for young people in the community and decide where these would best be placed in the area.

Top Suggestions:

1. Bike Club

2. Multi-Sports Clubs

3. Arcade/Games Club


Other Suggestions:

– Parks

– Trips

– Youth Clubs

– Martial Arts

– Arts & Crafts

– Talent Show

Top Suggestions:

  1. Animal Expert Visits
  2. Outdoor Survival Camps
  3. Homework Clubs

Other Suggestions:

– Neighbourhood Watch

– Road Safety Education

– Animal Education

– Language Clubs

– Book Club

– Outdoor Survival Club

– Run a road safety campaign.

– Design road signs.

– Design a game to promote actions to be taken when crossing the road.