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Mossley Summer Club 2017

Over the last two years KIC have worked with over 1000 young people through our community project ‘KICSTERS’ in both Rough Hay, Darlaston & Low Hill, Wolverhampton. 

This Summer Kicsters, in partnership with Mossley Big Local, worked with 10 young people who collectively worked together to form ideas and projects to improve their local community for all. 

Through Kicsters activities including digital graffiti and community reporting, Kicsters were able to develop ideas as well as consult with the wider community about improving the Mossley Estate. 


From Tuesday 29th August - Friday 1st September 2017, 10 young people join Kicsters at St Thomas Church with a common goal of not only having fun but to learn new skills of which they can use to improve their community. 

Using state of the art technology Kicsters worked together to highlight improvements they would like to see on the Mossley estate. Kicsters, using portable audio recorders, also spoke with residents out on the street to find out what their thoughts were and what they would like to see on the Mossley estate. 

Community Activities

Youth Clubs: Although their are clubs young people can attend in Mossley, they do not feel that their is enough variety. Young people also find that some of the clubs they want to attend are too far away.

More Parks

Mini Beast / Nature Trails / Treasure Hunts

Community Competitions: Locally themed community competitions to get residents talking about or getting to know their community.

Community Days Out: In order to bring the community together and reduce loneliness on the estate, young people would like to see more trips and community days for the residents of Mossley.

Outdoor Gyms:To bring people together and make fitness fun.

Improving Security

Car Parks: Gated car parks needed with more CCTV due to a high number of vehicles being damaged.

ASB & Bullying

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB): ASB is a big concern amongst young people in Mossley. Our Kicsters feel that this is because of drunk and disorderly behaviour as well as having nothing to do on the estate. By providing more activities within the community, young people feel we will see a reduction in ASB.

Bullying: Bullying appears to be an issue of which young people are concerned about in Mossley, especially in school. Kicsters suggest that raising more awareness around the affects of bullying will help other understand the consequences of their actions.


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