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Kicsters return with our jam packed summer club starting at Low Hill Community Centre in Bushbury Hill. 

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, young people aged 8 – 18 will be taking part in a variety of digital activities including radio production, videography, photography, 3D Doodling, gaming and much more.

If you are interested in your child getting involved with our exciting Kicsters Summer Club, please click the poster on the left or visit and book today!


On Wednesday 26th July, Kicsters expressed their concerns about their online safety following recent local events, and what the pros and cons to using the internet were.

Kicsters, aware of the dangers social media can pose, got their heads together to educate people about how they can stay safe on the internet, the dangers they should look for, and where they can report their concerns to.

Using our creative Digital Graffiti Wall Kicsters formed their top tips to staying safe online and help raise the awareness of the dangers on their doorstep.


On Thursday 27th July, with KIC staff Matt, Amy and Lynette Fryer from Your Space, Kicsters got creative as they designed their very own T-shirts with the aim of pledging their goals for the future.


Mental Health Awareness

With more young people reporting issues with their mental health, Kicsters thought it would be a good idea to discover what young people already know about mental health.

When looking deeper into mental health, how actions can change the way we feel, and ways of dealing with negative scenarios Kicsters began to look at tips they could give to those going through difficult times in their lives and how they can help to support them. 

The day gave the Kicsters a better understanding of mental health, why they might sometimes feel unhappy, and what they can do if they feel they need help and support.



“The best thing about Kicsters is that you get to make friends and there is a lot of kind staff who are always their to talk to”

Lily Tanner

“Kicsters is really fun and it gives you concepts that you may need in later life”

Aiden Bartlett