Kicsters returns this Easter with 30 young people from Bushbury Hill, Wolverhampton coming together to take part in a variety of digital activities including radio and film production, 3D Doodling, photography and digital graffiti.


Young people from Bushbury Hill are often perceived to have low aspirations or no aspirations at all.

Introducing #TheWannaBeTree, Kicsters came together to share their aspirations with peers, the community and the wider city of Wolverhampton proving that they have aspirations like other young people across the city.

It was fascinating to hear from the kicsters, with a wide range of goals and aspirations, ranging from becoming a Nursery Nurse, a Businesswoman, an Electrician, and a radio personality!

Local & Community Issues

We always encourage our Kicsters to think of ways in which they can make a positive change to their community.

We asked them to think of different ways to help both local residents, and the community in general, and begin to think about who they would need to speak to, to try to make the changes happen. Here are their responses. 

It was encouraging to see a wide range of issues identified throughout the groups, and a real interest in finding ways of improving their community in a realistic way.

It is hoped that in the future, our Kicsters will try to make some of these ideas reality, and continue to boost their positive impacts within the community.

Radio Production & Community Reporters

Our new Kicsters have been learning the basics of radio presenting, including the setting up of our radio desk, speakers and microphones.

The sessions have seen even the quiet members of the group get involved and their confidence grow as they’ve learned new skills; taking it in turns to do presenter links, read news stories and do the weather!

Kicsters are always encouraged to try new things and learn new skills. This Easter saw us debut our 3D Doodle Pens, and it was a real hit with them!

As well as use them to map out their aspirations, Kicsters used them in creative ways to tell us about their hobbies and interests. As you can see, Noah is a big fan of Pokemon Go!

Another first for our Kicsters digital pop-up youth club was drama. With the help of drama teachers from low Hill Community Centre, we tasked our young people to perform their own anti-bullying drama performances in small groups. The aim was to look at the different forms of bullying that occur, and what the possible consequences of that might be. This session helped the Kicsters to understand that bullying takes many forms, as well as visualise the impacts it can have on other people. 

After the performances were concluded, the Kicsters decided to produce their own anti-bullying pledge, showing their support in the fight against bullying.